3 keys to regain confidence

We all make experiences that are traumatic and leave us devastated. A heated discussion of being the object of some injustice or similar situations echoes in us like an echo that sometimes does not fade away for hours or even days and weeks. Therefore, it is important to know how, after an experience that touches us so deeply, we can regain our confidence.

The problem here is that such difficult phases sometimes make us so depressed or so irritated that our minds themselves become a source of new difficulties. Thus, we do not appreciate these setbacks, the positives that surround us, and instead, we incite new conflicts to sustain the excess of hostility that exists within us.

Likewise, we may be surrounded by people with toxic behaviors who, as we come in contact with them, plunge us deeper into the abyss with their ways. They cause a negative mood in us or leave a very negative taste in our soul, which reinforces the problem described above. Then it's up to us to get out of this condition as soon as possible. In order to regain confidence, it is best to use three particularly effective keys, which we will explain below.

"My feet is my only carriage , So I've got to push on through, But while I'm gone... Everything's gonna be alright"  Bob Marley

1. Isolate us from the negative - a key if we want to regain our confidence

A situation or a person who transmits negative things puts us in pessimism and a bad mood. Without realizing it, we get a feeling that makes us believe that everything is bad. We feel irritable and restless. Uneasiness rises in us, but we can not fully decipher it.

The first thing that needs to be done here to regain our confidence is to see what has made us feel so bad. What exactly is it that bothers us the most at this difficult stage? What makes us feel upset and irritated? Why does this circumstance haunt us so much?

Answering these same questions is very important for two reasons. First, because it allows us to identify the causes of our discomfort. And second, because we can isolate ourselves from these better once we have determined them exactly. So we no longer have the feeling that "everything goes wrong" because we can visualize the area where our problem lies. That gives us peace and compensates us.

2. Identify the echoes of fear

Maybe we experience some tension or discomfort; but if we remove this from our thoughts, it should soon lose its intensity and we could get used to it until it finally disappears completely ... It sometimes happens that after one of these difficult phases, we seem to recover quickly, We then appear to have stopped thinking about it as if we had instead turned our attention to something else. In this way, we banish from our consciousness what was the cause of our malaise.

However, it is possible that days or even weeks later, a feeling of anxiety will surface its way to the surface. And according to psychoanalysis, anxiety is a symptom that does not deceive us. This means that this feeling does not just happen, but that it is a sign that there are unresolved conflicts in us that require our attention. It is, so to speak, the result of emotions that we have not yet adequately processed.

Therefore, the emergence of this fear must be perceived as a wake-up call, as an alarm reminding us that there is still a task to be done. These echoes of fear are there to make us wonder if, in truth, we might not have overlooked or at least ignored this difficult phase.

3. Restore the balance

The best way to regain our confidence is to do something we like and to compensate for the negative emotions and emotions that accompany us during this difficult period. Nothing and nobody should ruin our day. It is inevitable to go through such stressful situations that affect our good spirits, but we must not allow these experiences to gain too much power and take the helm.

That is why, once we have worked through the thoughts of what happened, we must devote ourselves to a task that makes us feel really good. There are many different options: eating delicious ice cream, going for a walk, having a nice chat with someone we love, or something that inspires us and gives us a positive feeling. It is thus possible to restore our inner equilibrium and overcome this unrest, whose echo echoes in us.

As tempting as it may be to look elsewhere or seal ourselves from the anger that surrounds us, these are not the appropriate ways to restore the balance we speak of. The healthiest way is to take a moment to clarify what is bothering us. Then we should do something we like and return to our normal life - turn the next page and look ahead.


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