10 tricks to work more effectively

What is distracting you during the work? What is particularly difficult for you? We have ten tips for you to help you work more focused and efficient.

To Do List:-

  • To Do List, Sounds so simple and doable that many consider it superfluous. But a to-do list helps you to structure and, above all, to prioritize tasks. At the same time, you do not have to worry about forgetting something. Another advantage: You can see progress and completed tasks visually and immediately feel that you have already achieved a lot. It's good to smash a completed task, right? too much. Write on a daily to-do list only what you can realistically create. Otherwise, you will see a huge list - and your head surrenders: "I can not do that anyway." If you are afraid of not doing enough with daily to-do lists, then you should create a weekly plan. Advantage: You can already put heavy tasks into your most productive time.
  •  Anyone who needs more structure to be focused should write an accurate schedule. There you can enter in exact windows what you do from when to when. Of course, you have to have an overview of how long you need for each task. Advantage: You can tackle the day without hassle and do not worry about not creating your to-dos.
  • You really wanted to call your mother again? You need to get your sister a birthday present? And tomatoes for dinner? All of these private to-dos may come to your mind as you work. But instead of constantly reminding yourself or interrupting your work, write down a private to-do list that you can take in peace after work. High-tech alternative: Use the personal assistants of smartphones: "Hey Siri, remember tonight ..."
  • Breaks are important, we've known that since school. And as often as we take a little time-out when it's quiet in the office, we often forget those free phases when we're really in stress. Many think they should not take a breather or lunch break, or a break is misunderstood by the boss. But: who takes short breaks, he works with more concentration.
  • Get up from the desk, go into the kitchen or in front of the door and let your eyes wander. Some distract perfectly from scrolling through Facebook's newsfeed, others prefer to leave the smartphone in the workplace. This frees your mind and allows you to work more efficiently again.
  • Always stand up during the breaks. Take a short walk. But do not just get your circulation going during your lunch break or longer breaks, but also take every opportunity in the office. If you would like to discuss something with your colleague in the next room, run over instead of picking up the phone or using the internal messenger. Advantage: You will also see your colleagues more frequently.
  •  Think multitasking gets you done more quickly? Not correct. Especially when you divide your concentration over several tasks, mistakes happen faster. Stick to monotasking and focus on just one project.
  • The mobile phone is right next to the mouse, the brochure from a mail-order company as well, and then there's the USB stick with the holiday pictures - apart from the fact that much at work has nothing to do, it steers you mercilessly from. Get things done away with, so you're not tempted to lose focus. Advantage: Your desk looks much neater and structured, which promotes concentrated work. No more searching for the pen or the correct form!
  • Motivate yourself with rewards and beautiful appointments in your free time. Who knows that he can look forward to the evening, works a bit more effectively, as he has a goal in mind.
  • Yes, it goes without saying that you communicate clearly, but that's what often gets lost in many companies. You do not want to say "no", but you have too much on the agenda. The boss is not satisfied, but does not tell you with what? Request feedback! Rather, ask too much and insist on clear instructions and answers. This will help avoid misunderstandings and related frustration.


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