Is the battery full or empty? A simple trick tells

You discover loose batteries in the drawer - but are they still usable or should they be disposed of? Of course, it would be easiest to use them in a suitable device and thus to check whether there is still electricity flowing.

There are also special gauges called battery testers that do exactly that. With these, you can determine the current battery voltage. If you do not have either a tester or an electrical device to match the batteries in question, a simple trick can help.

Jump test reveals whether the battery is full or empty

All you need for the test is the battery under test and a flat surface. However, the result is even more reliable if you also have a second battery on hand that you know is still charged.

From a height of 20 centimeters, drop the battery vertically onto a flat surface. An empty battery bounces on impact, while a full battery falls over immediately after it hits the surface.

If you have a second, full battery, you can compare whether the two current storage jump differently high.

How does the trick work?

The colloquial expression of whether a battery still has juice is not so wrong: The most common household batteries are alkaline batteries. These contain in their entirety a gel-like mass in which zinc is dissolved. When used, the zinc reacts with oxygen. It creates the rigid substance zinc oxide, the gel is characterized.

With a full battery, the gel dampens the impact. As a result, the battery simply tips over during the jump test. An empty, rigid battery, however, is thrown once again by the force.

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