Self-test: How open are you for new experiences?

The answers to new experiences are often split into two camps: One side is open to new things, looks like fun and challenging, and embraces new experiences as often as possible. The other side is skeptical, likes to stick to proven routines and traditions and focuses on the danger that innovations always offer a chance for a drop.

Do you remember when you last had a new experience? We have prepared a small self-test that shows you how open to new experiences you really are ...

New experiences enrich the life

One point must be left to the skeptics: not every new experience is beautiful. Presumably, you also have an experience that you would like to be able to do without hindsight. But on the other hand: how boring and predictable would life be if everything stayed the same and there were no new experiences?

In extreme cases, this setting would mean that the routines will run the same every day. Same way to work, the same walk during the lunch break and also the annual leave goes every year in the same place, in the same hotel and best still in the same room. Not really nice and certainly not an exciting idea.

It is the new experiences that make life interesting and worth living. Even if they do not bring 100% certainty to success, they are still an asset. Three examples of the positive effects of new experiences.

  • They expand the horizon. Anyone who always deals only with the things he already knows learns nothing more. New experiences, on the other hand, can open your eyes and show you which possibilities there are that might not have been thought of before.
  • They make you curious. A new experience can give you access to a new area of interest.
  • They make you more successful. Sticking to dusty structures always stands in the way of your own success. If you want to succeed in your job, you can not help but face new situations and challenges.
To open up to new experiences is recommended. For a start, it does not have to be the parachute jump or the ascent of Mount Everest. Start small, breakthrough daily routines, and see where the new path leads you. To get started, find out how open to new experiences you already are.

How open are you for new experiences? Take the test

First of all, of course, this self-test has no scientific claim. It's just a question of giving you a better idea about yourself. For this purpose, we have put together five questions that you should answer as honestly as possible. Each answer option was assigned a score. At the end of the test, your overall score will be used for your evaluation. Remember when answering, it's not about getting as many points as possible, but to show a realistic self-image. Have fun!

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Question 1: Your favorite Italian restaurant is on vacation and your friends suggest trying out a new restaurant a few blocks down the road. How do you react?
  • you are not really enthusiastic but can be persuaded. In the restaurant, you order the same dish as always. (2 P.)
  • you have only heard good things about the new restaurant and are happy to try it out. (3 p.)
  • you are not preferring to eat anything at an unknown restaurant, you prefer to cook for yourself. (1 P.)
Question 2: Your boss comes from an advanced training course and brings along a whole series of suggestions for amendment. What do you make of it?
  • We always do things like that. Why change something? (1 P.)
  • Some sounds good, but there's also a lot of crap there. (2 P.)
  • Was it time for another wind to blow here? It did not go on like that! (3 p.)
Question 3: You come home and your wife will surprise you with a new, shorter hairstyle. What do you think?
  • you are thrilled and invite a few friends to present the new haircut. (3 p.)
  • You like it, but you are looking forward to it when it has regrown. (2 P.)
  • You are shocked, think of the divorce at short notice, but then You think better of it. (1 P.)

Question 4: During a meeting, your boss calls for brainstorming. What role do you play in this?

  • I have some ideas, but you prefer to keep them for me. (2 P.)
  • I mainly criticize. The suggestions of the colleagues are really useless. (1 P.)
  • I am fully committed, I make my own suggestions and I enjoy suggestions from colleagues. (3 p.)

Question 5: You have submitted holidays and plan for the summer vacation. Where are you traveling to?

  • In the Black Forest, of course. The last six stays there were also great. (1 P.)
  • A language trip to China sounds exciting. There is certainly much to see (3 P.)
  • Summer and beach belong together. You have heard that it should be beautiful in Spain. (2 P.)

Evaluation of your answers

Please add the sum of the points to your respective answers. Based on this total number of points you will find for your personal evaluation:

5 to 7 points: For you, new experiences are absolute hell. You would like to leave everything as it is. Their motto is: Why change something that has become established? But a little more openness would do you good.

8 to 12 points: Are in midfield. You are not fundamentally averse to new experiences, but your skepticism sometimes takes over. Positive experiences from your environment help you to become more open. Get carried away more often and give yourself a jolt.

13 to 15 points. You can not experience new experiences fast enough. you enjoy every opportunity to get to know something new and love the unknown challenges. Use your motivation to infect others and to awaken the euphoria of new experiences with friends and colleagues.


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