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back pain disappears through exercise

Back pain is considered a widespread disease. Often a lot of exercise helps to make them disappear. If there is no remedy in itself and there is a pathological change behind the symptoms, it does not necessarily mean that surgery is required.

Almost everyone has to deal with back pain at some point. In many patients, the specialist first finds no evidence of a physical cause. This is called non-specific low back pain.

Due to a lot of movement, it usually disappears within four to six weeks, explains Prof. Bernd Kladny, Secretary General of the German Society for Orthopedics and Traumatology (DGOU).

If this is not the case or if, after the examination, something is in favor of a physical cause, it makes sense to search for the cause by means of imaging techniques. This can be, for example, signs of wear or a herniated disc.

Operation not necessary

If a pathological change is behind the symptoms, there is no need for immediate surgery.

In many cases, the symptoms could be alleviated by pain therapy, exercise, and physiotherapy. The decisive factor is that the treatment follows a clearly defined plan.

Surgery may be considered if paralysis occurs or if the patient has no control over the bladder or bowel. If non-surgical procedures bring no relief, the doctor and patient can also consider surgery. 


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