Why does ginger help against bad breath?

Ginger is considered a home remedy for bad breath. Researchers have now examined the tuber and found the drug to fight bad odors.

Bad breath can have many causes: bad dental hygiene, the consumption of food such as garlic or simply a dry mouth, because too little salivation fuels the formation of sulfur-containing compounds in the oral cavity - hence the unpleasant odor often stirs.

Researchers at the Technical University of Munich have now found an ingredient in ginger that promises fresh breath: the pungent-tasting 6-gingerol causes an enzyme in saliva to increase 16-fold - and this enzyme destroys the sulfur compounds, which cause foul odors.

It is not even necessary to chew fresh ginger. If that's too hot, you can also drink a ginger tea or eat sweets, because all products that contain ginger extract also contain the active ingredient 6-gingerol, according to the researchers.


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