5 thought patterns for success through mental strength

Whether an entrepreneur, manager, employee, freelancer, student - some people just seem to have more success and/or lucky. Why is that? I read a nice article in the online magazine Forbes on "mental strength" that inspired me to write about the topic of emotional intelligence or "mental heroes".

What makes mental strength so special? What makes someone a "mental hero"?

The quintessential essence of the Forbes article: Above all, it's the things that people do. They sink into self-pity or can be slowed down by self-doubt, powerlessness, energy waste, vague expectations, impatience, fear of the future or even nostalgic feelings.

I have formulated this somewhat more positively and summarized in 5 thought patterns for success through mental strength :

Mental strength and emotional intelligence

1. Mental heroes take responsibility in the here and now

Mentally strong people do not sink into self-pity or be dragged down by external circumstances. They do not complain about unfair treatment but are responsible for their actions. A sentence from an entrepreneur puts it in a nutshell: "Who builds shit, pays!". If I put wrong assumptions or do unsatisfactory work, not focused enough, I bear the fruits of my work. Even if they are actually external circumstances: Mental heroes know that life is not always fair. Sometimes you lose, another time you have all the favorable constellation. mental heroes recognize the opportunity and transform it because of their forward-looking energy and emotional intelligence.

The thinking patterns of emotionally strong people in setbacks are e.g. .:

"How do I get the next chance?"
"What have I learned?"
"What will I do better next time?"
"What options do I have to get out of this situation?"
And not:

"That always happens to me."
"I could not help it because ..."
"If only ..."

The world will not knock on your door and give you a raise, a fancy car, or a trip to the South Seas to Bali. No, your dream partner will not call you from nowhere and invite you to dinner. Mental heroes know this and take the initiative accordingly.

Self-test. In a bad mood? Disappointed by a feedback/result? Check out what exactly you are thinking. (Or) take a concrete situation and spontaneously write down everything that you thought directly afterward. This can be very exciting.

2. Mental heroes focus their energy on things that can influence.

Mentally strong people have come to terms with the fact that they can not control some things - and do not bother and get upset when something is not optimal. In an annoying situation, they keep in mind that the only thing they really have in their hands is their own attitude. And they use this mental strength very carefully. They do not revel in the past for long; This is particularly true for disappointments or nostalgic memories of the "good old days".

3. Mental heroes have the courage

Mental heroes love change and look forward to the challenges that come with it. Their biggest "fear" - if they even know this word - is not the unknown, but the deadlock. A changing environment and a pinch of uncertainty energize them and spur them to peak performance.

Mentally strong people can handle calculable risks. This has nothing to do with jumping upside down in risky situations and then wondering why everything goes down the drain. With mental strength, one can weigh the risks and opportunities objectively and finally take action with courage.

4. Mental heroes are self-sufficient and follow their own standard

Do you know people who want to please everyone? Or those who deliberately want to appear strong by hurting others? Both are wrong. A mental hero strives to be polite and fair in order not to wrong anyone. But he does not shy away from the confrontation. If in doubt, he can withstand a counterattack and can handle the situation with dignity.

Mental heroes avoid giving others the power to feel inferior or bad. They know that they have self-control over their actions and emotions. And they know their strength to be able to regulate their reactions accurately. A good emotion management belongs to the secret of mental strength.

My tip: If you can, complete an "NLP Practitioner" - in my opinion, one of the fastest and most effective ways to devote yourself to emotion management. An alternative would be meditation. Also with this, you can observe, control and direct your emotions.

Mentally strong people avoid envy. Admittedly, it is not always easy to be happy for other people - whether in the family, in college or in the job. Mental heroes, however, infect others with success, inspire and draw positive power from it. That, too, is emotional intelligence.

Mental heroes can handle it and even enjoy having time for themselves. They can use this time to reflect, plan and be productive. They do not depend on others to be happy. You can have fun with other people, but also alone.

5. Mental heroes learn patiently

When someone keeps performing the same sequence of actions and hopes for a different outcome, he is considered insane. Scientific results show that self-reflection in an accurate and productive way is one of the key strengths of successful bosses and entrepreneurs because they learn from mistakes.

Mental heroes do not expect immediate results of their actions. Whether it is a new contact, a fitness plan or a company start-up; A little patience is required if you want to be a mental hero. They divide their energy into cans and celebrate each milestone on the way. They know that the right changes take time.

Mental Strength & Emotional Intelligence 

- Summary

  1. Mental strength is taking responsibility in the here and now and learning from mistakes.
  2. Mental strength means focusing on the essentials.
  3. Mental strength means being courageous and risking calculable risks.
  4. Emotional intelligence means being true to oneself.
  5. Emotional strength is to act in a reflective manner and to wait patiently for results.


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