Everyday question: Can mineral water get bad?

If a bottle of mineral water has been stored for a long time, the liquid will increasingly change its taste. Many ask themselves if they should even drink the drink after the expiration date. Can mineral water get bad?

An expiry date is mandatory for all foods, including natural mineral water. For glass bottles, before the expiry date of two years is indicated, for PET bottles it is one year. However, this does not mean that the water is not edible after the deadline.

Mineral water is safe to drink even after the expiration date, the German information center announces. This is because the carbonic acid preserves the liquid and thus preserves it almost indefinitely. However, you should make sure that in an expired bottle, the closure is intact.

Why does water taste a bit sour?

But even if mineral water is not bad after the expiration date, changes in taste can occur afterward. Since plastic bottles are more permeable than glass, oxygen can penetrate here over time and the carbon dioxide escapes. This affects the taste, but it does not affect your health.

However, if unopened PET bottles are left in the sun too long, the material heats up and hormone-like chemicals can enter the water. This is what researchers from Goethe University found out.

About the drink, we take only a very small dose, but these substances could be harmful to health. How consumption has a long-term effect has not yet been sufficiently researched.

If open water tastes a little more acidic, it's mostly because the composition of the liquid has changed. Mineral water absorbs carbon dioxide from the air, part of the liquid changes to carbonic acid and the pH of the water drops.

Consume quickly opened water

If you have a bottle open, you should use it within a few days if possible. With the opening also microorganisms get inside the bottle, which can also be pathogenic bacteria.

Therefore, never drink more than one person from the same bottle or the same glass. Thus, different pathogens, which are located at the opening of the bottle or on the edge of the glass, can be transferred to the counterpart.

In the bottle, the microorganisms multiply especially when the water is in a bright and warm place. Therefore, storage in the refrigerator is recommended. If the mineral water is already open too long, your plants will be happy about the liquid.


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