5 things you should avoid when communicating in the workplace

Once out of tune or the wrong choice of words in the day which can be in fractions of seconds, the image of the clean man to a bogeyman. Here you will learn what you can and how you can communicate successfully in everyday life.

What influence does communication have on our daily lives?

A simple "hello" accompanied by gestures and facial expressions, so that can be expressed a lot with this simple word. With thousands of words we use every day, communication becomes a highly complex matter. Some people decide, especially in difficult situations, to say nothing, true to the motto: "Silence is gold". Because who says nothing, does not go wrong, right?

Far from it, because already the famous communication scientist Paul Watzlawick already stated: "One cannot not communicate" firmly. So you cannot keep silent and say nothing.

A grim facial expression and crossed arms can generate tension in a tense situation, especially in connection with silence.

5 things you should avoid when communicating in the workplace

1. Talking about the
hustle and bustle while talking to your superiors or colleagues can nullify any good argument.

"Getting to the point" - short and concise sentences leave a good impression on others and signal a certain degree of self-assurance.

2. Do not keep eye contact
The eye contact shows the other person that you are listening to him, that you are focused on the subject and thus also interested in what you have said.

3. Lack of manners
Good behavior is seriousness and is, therefore, a feature that a leader should possess.

4. Loud cursing
Of course, one or the other moments will make you want to give vent to your anger.

You can do that too - but not at full volume.

5. Grumpy jokes
Such kind of jokes create an uncomfortable and embarrassing situation for those involved and at least suggest immaturity and lack of tact.

What do you think?

What is your opinion on inappropriate communication behavior and what has been your experience in your private or professional environment? 
Do you see any other no-gos as essential factors that put obstacles in the way of a professional career?


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