Motivation Through A Positive Attitude And Positive Thinking

Anyone who thinks positively finds motivation more easily. That may sound strange but makes sense.
Are you more likely to be the kind of person who approaches things with a negative attitude?
This sentence could come from you? " Who has low expectations, is rarely disappointed. "

Then this article is made for you.

I'll tell you something about positive thinking and tips on how to achieve a positive attitude. This attitude helps you to motivate yourself.


As a basketball player, I often witnessed the power of positive thinking myself.

A team that enters the game with the attitude that they will lose, will play unmotivated and ultimately likely to lose.
However, if a team goes into the game with the idea of being able to win, their performance and motivation will increase.
The chance to win the game is increased. These experiences can be transferred to the life.

A positive attitude ensures a positive appearance.

By doing so you have a positive effect on people.

These people react more positively to you.

You can do that by simply rethinking. In everyday life, there are various events that you can record either positively or negatively.

Let's take the example that you ran a little late towards the bus stop.

" I miss the bus and then I'm late. "

This formulation does not necessarily give you the best feeling.

" Should I be too late, I'll take the next one." 

It does not sound that bad anymore.

" If I miss the bus, I'll just walk. "

That's even better. Your mood will be brightened up.

The setback is no longer one, instead, there is the prospect of a nice walk.

As Helen Keller already said:

" Keep your face to the sun, and you never want to see the shadows. "


People perceive their environment consciously and subconsciously. If you go through life with a positive aura, your environment will recognize that and respond to you with the same attitude.

Think of happiness, joy, health, and success and your charisma improve and infect others.

With a simple smile, you can enhance another person's day.

To get results from your positive thoughts, you have to work on your basic attitude towards life.

Expect success in tackling something, but you must also do the necessary actions to succeed.

If you can not imagine how contagious something positive can be, then watch this video.


To really think positively, it takes more than remembering a few nice words from time to time or telling yourself that everything will be fine.

It has to become one of the more dominant mental qualities.

It is not enough for just a few moments to think of something good in order to push fears or doubts a bit backward, but in the end to admit it.

Work on yourself and effort is necessary to achieve motivation through positive thoughts permanently.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you ready to change your way of thinking?
  • Are you ready to go through a real inner change?
  • Are you ready to develop a mental strength that positively affects you and the people around you?

Can you answer all these questions with yes, then go ahead and work on your attitude.


There is a reason why many people do not believe that positive thinking can improve life.

This would mean that only they have control over how their lives are going. These people do not want to blame themselves when things do not work. It is easier to blame others. Whether the parents, the teacher or the staff is irrelevant.

It is easier to believe that the "fate" has a stone in the way and delighted in the suffering.

To believe in positive thinking would mean assuming responsibility for one's own development.

I do not mean to say that nothing bad or unexpected can happen in life.

But you have the opportunity to determine your reaction to such events.


As mentioned before, your overall charisma will change if you have a positive attitude.

This positive attitude is manifested by:

  • Positive thinking
  • Constructive thinking
  • Creative thinking
  • optimism
  • Motivation and energy to tackle things and achieve goals
  • A happy feeling

These qualities help to better and happier dealing with the small problems of life and thus increase the lasting happiness that you can feel.

A positive attitude has many advantages.

  • You expect success and no failure
  • You feel more inspired and have more energy
  • It gives you the strength not to give up when you hit an obstacle
  • Through them, you do not perceive problems or mistakes as such, but as experiences that can advance you
  • Your faith in yourself and in your abilities will be strengthened
  • Your appearance is more confident and secure
  • You are looking for solutions instead of letting yourself go through problems
  • You recognize opportunities and opportunities better
  • You feel more lucky in life
  • You are an inspiration to others
  • People bring you more respect, joy, and love

And most importantly, life is smiling at you!


The first step to learning positive thinking is to recognize negative thoughts.

Negative thinking refers to failure, anxiety, illness or lack of something. The thought is simple.

You do not want to do anything negative, then do not think so.

A simple practical example is an envy.

Have you ever seen someone drive by in an expensive car and thought you would like such a car but could never afford it? This thought is the wrong approach.

Replace that thought with telling yourself that it is absolutely possible for you to own this car. You just have to work towards the goal.

Go to the dealership and look closely at the car, feel it. Visualize how you drive this car through the streets.

You'll be amazed at what such a simple action can do to impact.


The following tips are not guidelines that you all have to follow in order to think positively.

It is enough to follow one of these tips permanently to let more light into your life.

But the more you can do, the bigger the effect.


The very first step in thinking positively is to recognize your negative thoughts and attitudes.

You need to be aware that only you have control over what thoughts you allow.

Negative thoughts tell you, " You can not reach your goal. "

Meanwhile, through positive thinking, you have a voice in your mind that says, " You can do it, you'll reach your goal. ".


Get used to them!

Many people see themselves in the victim role: " I'm so unlucky so often. "; " It just was not supposed to be. "; " It works with me every time. "

Positive thinking people do not have such thoughts. They take responsibility and do not save themselves in the powerlessness in which they are only a victim of the circumstances.

So change your mind from " I have to deal with that. "  In" I have it in my hands. "

One way to do this is to take the following steps:

  • You notice that you have negative thoughts or a bad feeling for a future event.
  • Stop this thought right here! Think about why you have a bad feeling. Combine considerations.
  • Be aware of the facts.
  • Change your negative attitude to the positive!

The whole thing could look like this with an example:

  • " I will fall through this test ."  (Negative feeling)
  • " It's just an exam that does not threaten my life and health. I am fine. I learned for the exam. "(Collecting facts and making them aware)
  • " The exam is a way to apply my accumulated knowledge. I'll reward myself for all the learning that I get a good grade. I will succeed! "(Positive reinforcement after negative thought)


But you should not just exclude negative thoughts from your life. It can also be applied to other areas of your life.

For example:

Words:  Use positive and encouraging words! " I can " " I will " " It is possible ".

Humans:  Remove people from your contacts who have a negative impact on you. Surround yourself with people who think positively too. As I said, positive thinking is contagious. Use this to your advantage.

Past:  Just because things may not have worked out in the past does not mean they will not. Complete the past and focus your positive energy on the present and the future.

Talk:  People who do not understand the concept of positive attitude will think and talk about it differently. It is important that you ignore these people and their talk and do not let them influence you negatively.


Yes, it is a decision.

It builds up strong on the first tip. Exclude negative things from your life and thereby achieve positive thinking.

Allow only thoughts of happiness, strength and success.

Be optimistic!

It's all a matter of practice. It may take a while for you to get rid of all the negative things in your life, but sticking with them will give you a positive attitude that can go through your entire life.

You just have to decide and work on it.


Goals are helpful to basically make sure what you really want.

But they also have another, very important effect on positive thinking.

Who does not love being able to tick things off the to-do list. The satisfying feeling of having achieved what you want.

Set yourself achievable but exciting goals and see what impact this will have on your life.


You should be inspired to achieve a positive attitude.

Take, for example, every day to read 10 pages from an inspiring book for you.

You can also listen to music that gives you a positive feeling. See films that make you happy.

Even little things like inspiring quotes or short videos can have a huge effect on your feelings and permanently strengthen your positive thinking.


Training your thoughts will allow you to be able to bring your thoughts to a positive level at all times.

A helpful method for this is the so-called affirmations.

In principle, an affirmation is nothing more than a self-affirming sentence that we recall repeatedly in order to reprogram our thoughts.

The goal here is to steer our feelings permanently in a certain direction.

You repeat these affirmations over and over again to save their contents onto your subconscious.

So you take a positive thought, save it and repeat it quietly for yourself over and over again.

Some suitable examples of a positive attitude are:

" I enjoy thinking positively. "
" I am healthy and happy. "
" My positive attitude helps me achieve all my goals. "
It is important that you always believe in yourself and do not lose this belief.

If negative thoughts overpower you, then fight against it and try to eliminate it piece by piece. You must not let yourself be overwhelmed and, as a result, allow negative thoughts.

You should not give up on this as soon as it gets complicated. A really positive attitude is not always a matter of quick success. But it is also not short-lived.

The effort is worth it. And not giving up on the first obstacle is essential for this.


A small hint with great effect!

Surely you have a hobby or an activity that will make you happy and where you can recharge your batteries.

Try to include at least one of these activities in your daily routine. At best, even several.

Suppose you like listening to music, then plan on listening to your favorite music every morning on the way to work.

It will motivate you and give you energy for the workday.

And probably the best-known activity is a regular workout.

The good thing about it is that regular training has been proven to reduce stress and build resistance to stress. And who likes to be stressed?

These activities are very easy to operate even with little time and help to think long-term positive.


This is by far the most important tip for positive thinking.

An Indian proverb says, " The smile you send returns to you as happiness. "

So far, I have had this experience.

Take a leisurely stroll through a busy pedestrian zone and once grimly looking.

You'll see how much more friendly and open your fellow human beings are when you smile. People tend to smile back and your day is more enjoyable.

If it's hard to just smile like that, there are plenty of reasons.

Watch a funny video or listen to your favorite song. No matter what it is that makes you feel good, use it!

The smile does not only affect others but above all, it affects you subconsciously.

The effort of the muscles needed to smile is recognized and your brain emits more happiness hormones because of your smile. This effect does not occur in the short term. But if you keep smiling consciously, you will eventually become subconsciously happier and achieve lasting positive thinking.


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