Kissing is good for your health

Kissing is probably the nicest thing in the world. It shows the attachment to a loved one and is even good for your health. But these are not the only reasons why you should kiss your partner more often.

Many couples know this: in the first few months, they kiss like a world champion and after a while, everyday life returns. Not only the romance remains on the track.

Scientists have proven that a kiss can have many positive effects on the body and mind.

Kissing is good for your health

A study from the journal Microbiome shows that with each kiss up to 80 million germs are exchanged. What sounds disgusting at first is even very healthy.

The skin, intestines, and mouth are covered with a bacterial layer. The immune system is particularly fit when this so-called microbiome consists of many different bacteria.

Frequent kissing stimulates the exchange of bacteria and thus supports the immune system. Kissing works like a vaccine explains the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK).

Many are worried that kisses may transmit disease. If the kissed person is obviously ill, that's true.

But more infectious diseases are passed on through a handshake. It also circulated the rumor that the exchange of saliva should transfer caries. With sufficient oral hygiene, this can not happen.

The antimicrobial enzymes in saliva allegedly protect the teeth even from caries and periodontal disease. According to the journal Microbiome, the oral flora adapts to that of the partner.

Kissing makes you happy

Kissing not only strengthens the immune system. Some researchers have found that people who kiss a lot also have more job success and less depression. More than 100 billion nerve cells are stimulated by a kiss, and the body releases adrenaline and dopamine.

These happy hormones flood through us, let the pulse shoot up and we feel good mood, even though we are in stress. On top of that, the release of adrenaline temporarily relieves pain.

Kissing makes you beautiful

People who kiss a lot have even more beautiful skin. The circulation is stimulated and over 30 different facial muscles are trained. As a result, small wrinkles smooth, the skin looks firmer and looks young longer.

In addition, a kisser takes in just ten minutes as much as a jogger at 100 meters.

By releasing happiness hormones, the energy requirement is increased and the body burns up to 16 calories per hearty kiss. With this knowledge, you kiss your loved one twice as much. (Ff)


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