How to change your life in just four weeks

None of us want to live a bad life in which we feel blocked and unhappy. But sometimes our daily routine is the reason why we do not even know if we are doing it "good or bad". How can we change our lives positively?

This fast pace has its consequences, including that we do not pay attention to ourselves.

"Your body is a temple of nature and the divine spirit. Keep it healthy, respect it, study it, grant it's rights. " Henry F. Amiel

Today I propose to you to change your life, to take a step into a new life where enjoyment and quality will prevail in your everyday life. The following fundamental and simple steps will allow you to positively change your life in just four weeks:

First week: work on your habits and your body

  • Getting up early, around 6 in the morning, gives you the opportunity to use the time you will not have during the day. Dedicate yourself to your tasks and unfinished commitments before your work day begins. You will enjoy the silence and tranquility that you have to concentrate on your tasks. 
  • Healthy and light diet . If you want to change something in your life then you need a lot of energy. It is important to hear at each moment what your organism needs and to set achievable goals to eradicate poisons. You can  help your body by being healthy, light and tasty.
  • Sports. This is probably the most recommended habit . It helps to strengthen body and mind. So you allow yourself to be healthy and balanced. It is said that movement is life, so you have to move to say goodbye to your old life.

Second week: cleanse your environment 
  • Cleanse your environment and all that is in it. Do not be restricted by people and things that do not help you in your everyday life. Learning how to let the past go when we no longer need it is essential. It is also good to breakup with the people whose does not do any good for you.
Third Week: Organize your goals and dreams
  • Organize your plans through a list and realize them. Last week you had to make a list of things to do. Pick it up again and get to work to accomplish all that you dream of .
  • Realize your plans every day. Always make a new plan for the next day at bedtime, whether it will be easy or difficult. The important thing is that there is a plan to increase your motivation. Ask yourself questions such as "Am I on my way to making this happen?" And "Like where he's been taking me?". 
"I felt reborn as my soul and body fell in love and married." Khalil Gibran
Fourth week: Expand your wellness area
  • Dare to live differently. On an ordinary day's work, ask yourself, "What could I do  differently at the moment ?"  Integrate the habit of trying out and experiencing something new every day. Thus, you prevent that your life falls into a routine in which there is no motivation in the long run.
  • Break out of your feel-good area. At the same time, if you are about to realize the previous point, you will break out of your personal comfort zone. But I'd like it even better if you take the challenge to go much further, to acknowledge your fears and overcome each and every one of them.
  • A break is essential. The Achilles heel in the lives of many of us. One has to learn that a break and occasional shutdown are essential if we want to live entirely.
At this point, I invite you to incorporate these simple habits into your life every day, to allow yourself to feel complete and in harmony. You will build something that will be your way in just four weeks. You will not want to leave it again. You will change your life.


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