US study proves: Religious people live longer

Everyone wants a long life - whether they are believers or not. However, according to a study by Ohio State University, religious people live longer than atheists. The main reason: a healthier lifestyle.

From Buddhism to Christianity to Islam: For many believers, religion is an important stop in life. According to a new study, religious people live on average even longer than atheists - and several years.

This is reported by the British newspaper "The Independent" . For their study, Ohio State University researchers evaluated 1,500 deceased obituaries from across America and examined how religious life characteristics influenced longevity.

Religious participation influences lifespan
The findings sound amazing: people who were described in their obituaries as religious lived in comparison 5.64 years longer.

The co-author of the study, Baldwin Way, is confident, "The study provides convincing evidence that there is a relationship between religious involvement and a person's lifespan."

How can this be explained?
But what do believers do differently than atheists? As "Independent" writes, religious activities usually automatically mean greater participation in social ventures.

This, in turn, counteracts loneliness and a retired lifestyle, which can prolong life expectancy. So if you do a lot with other people, it extends your life.

But social and volunteer activities, according to Laura Wallace, another co-author of the study, only contribute to a livelier life - less than a year.

Friends and resignation
However, the authors assume a greater influence on the extension of life in the way of life of many religious people.

For example, believers often abstain from alcohol or drugs. Evidence of these renunciations are, however, rarely found in the obituaries.

Dr. Way believes that "stress-reducing practices" such as meditation, yoga or prayers and inner peace may be further factors for a long life.


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