Stars who are afraid to fly

In aerophobia in general, there is nothing terrible - especially in the event that you fly just a couple of times a year. But here's what to do for people who spend half their lives on airplanes? We are presenting a list of celebrities who are already beginning to go crazy at the airport and sometimes even can not force themselves to get on a plane.

Jennifer Aniston

The actress claims that she tried a lot of different methods - but in the end she did not help her to cope with aerophobia. Jennifer does not help - just think - even a couple of glasses of red. "It's all nonsense! - the actress admits. - Alcohol does not help at all. Apparently, I live with this. "

Megan Fox

Jennifer Aniston, we wholeheartedly wish to ask for advice to Megan Fox, who, she said, has long thought of a super effective way to combat aerophobia. And this is ... Britney Spears album . "Seriously, I just know that under the imperishable hits of Britney, I certainly will not die. It does not happen! So it's worth it to cut Oops I Did It Again - and I'm calm again, "Britney shares.

Ben Affleck

It would seem, what this handsome man can be afraid of? Ben has a terrible aerophobia, and from the very childhood. During his first independent flight, something happened to one of the engines: it caught fire, and the plane was forced to make an emergency landing. Since then, Affleck, as he himself admits, is in complete horror from the prospect of somewhere flying (only willpower and deep breathing save!).


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