Scientist from Greece predicted the end of the world this year

Throughout the history of mankind there appeared all kinds of clairvoyants and scientists who prophesied the apocalypse. How many such "ends of the world" people have already experienced, it is difficult to calculate. And nevertheless, there are those who believe in these predictions and every time expects that it will definitely be true.

It is difficult to deny that recently there have been frequent reports of all sorts of natural anomalies: then tornadoes arise practically from scratch, people around the world hear strange sounds from the sky, then eyewitnesses upload dozens of video and photo evidence of the existence of a UFO ...

At such times, willy-nilly you will think: what if all this is no accident? After all, most of the most terrible events on our planet are usually preceded by all sorts of cataclysms. Now, on the wave of universal excitement, eschatologists began to remember the half-forgotten predictions of the end of the world.

The other day in the press appeared a forgotten warning of the Greek scientist and inventor Georgis Gyalvas, made by him back in the 80s of the last century.

Gyalwas, who once worked for NASA projects , told reporters before his death that in 2018 a certain "new era" planned for the "extraterrestrial decision-making center" would begin on the planet. What kind of "department" is this, a scientist, of course, did not tell. But he noted that it is worthwhile to prepare for the "new world order" now.

It's been about 30 years since the prediction, which the Greek press was writing about at the time. Half of 2018 is already behind us. There are still 6 months to check whether the Greek prophecy will come true. Or is it better not to check?


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