Schoolgirl forced to take off her underwear before the Exam

In  Nizhnekamsk, one of the graduates was forced to remove the bra before a single state exam (USE) in chemistry.
The incident was reported by the schoolgirl's sister in social networks. She wrote that the girl was forced to remove the bra "and go through a metal detector in a white transparent chiffon blouse to the naked body"; this brought the graduate to tears, reports Ridus .
The education department of the Nizhnekamsk region of Tatarstan confirmed that the call from the indignant mother of the schoolgirl really was, but refused to acknowledge the fact of what happened.

The deputy head of the education department of the district, Aiziriak Ramazanova, explained to the television company NTR that the metal detector could react to the bones sewn into the bra, since the metal frame often reacts to the plaques of belts, earrings, keys and other items.

This fact will be checked. Ramazanova herself stated that she did not admit the fact "that the employees of the examinations point were asked to take off their underwear."

At the same time, the head of the education department of the Nizhnekamsk region Vadim Matyushin said that he was not aware of this situation.
"I did not receive this information. There were no complaints from there. But who will undress her? Think about yourself, who could make this happen? "- Matyushin said to the Internet portal" BUSINESS Online ".
Local mass media report that the internal investigation of the incident will be held after the examinations are over.
In May, it was reported that the examiners were forced to undress two graduates before the "rehearsal" USE.


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