Russian woman plays flute in her own brain operation

Sounds crazy, but actually happened: In Austria, a patient played Mozart's "Kleine Nachtmusik" on the flute during her own brain operation. The doctors had initially registered concerns.

Russian Sofia Pinaeva also performed pieces by Johann Sebastian Bach and Sergei Sergeyevich Prokofiev during the procedure at the University Hospital Graz, as it was said at a press conference on Wednesday.

For the treating physicians, the small concert during the brain operation was a premiere.

During OP aroused from general anesthesia

"Wake up surgery is the only way to remove as much tumor as possible without sacrificing brain function," says Ward of the Guard surgical team, Gord von Campe.

In this surgical form, the patient is woken up during the operation for up to two hours out of general anesthesia. "In this phase, we test how the patient reacts when we stimulate her brain with electrical impulses.

Through direct communication with the patient, we can check important brain functions such as language, "explains the neurosurgeon.

In the case of the musician, it was particularly important to keep her fine motor skills and her sense of sight in full, so that she can continue to work as a music teacher and photographer.

Concerns about the operation
The doctors operated on a year ago, but wanted to wait for the recovery process before pictures and videos of the operations are published.

Before the procedure, the medical team had concerns that the pressure on the brain could be too great due to the playing of the wind instrument.

"As a plan B, we also had a recorder in the operating room," says the doctor. Operation Pinaeva, however, ran smoothly.

"There was an incident: I gambled away once," said the musician.


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