prevent breast cancer : new study

The results of a new study conducted by scientists from the University of California at San Diego, showed that vitamin D helps reduce the risk of developing breast cancer. This is reported in a press release on EurekAlert !.

The experts analyzed data from 2002-2017 in two randomized controlled trials involving 3325 women and one prospective study, in which 1713 volunteers were divided into groups, depending on the detectable dose of calcipediol (vitamin D group) in the blood. All women over 55 years of age were healthy, and scientists monitored their condition for four years.

A total of 77 cases of breast cancer were recorded. It turned out that those participants whose blood had a high level of calcipedol (more than 60 nanograms per milliliter) had a risk of developing cancer five times less than those with a vitamin D concentration in the blood of less than 20 nanograms per milliliter.

According to the researchers, the results of the work supplement the epidemiological data, according to which there is a correlation between the lack of vitamin D in the body and the appearance of malignant tumors in the breast in older women. To achieve the required level of vitamin in the blood, it is necessary to consume dietary supplements and food with 4-6 thousand international units (IU) per day. For vitamin D, one international unit is 0.025 micrograms of substance. This amount can be significantly reduced by daily exposure to the sun for 10-15 minutes.

Previously, the recommended dose of vitamin D was 600-800 IU per day. If a safe dose of vitamin D is exceeded, nausea, constipation, loss of healthy weight, heart rhythm problems, and kidney damage may occur.


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