Laws that the British Queen may violate

Queen Elizabeth II , of course, does not have absolute monarchy power, but it is secured by some liberties that any other British citizen does not have. These common laws and rules without consequences the British queen have the right to violate.


The absence of a passport from the Queen does not prevent her from freely traveling or solving formalities that require the availability of this document. She can not pass a passport to herself, because this document in the UK, as a rule, is issued directly on behalf of Her Majesty. To cross the border, Elizabeth II simply presents any bill where her portrait is printed.


The royal family in the past did not have a surname, because its members simply did not feel in need of it, using their own names and names of dynasties. In 1917, King George V legalized the name of Windsor for the royal family, but Elizabeth II and her close relatives, in fact, did not need anything.


To drive the car Elizabeth II does not require rights, although they still have it. The monarch received this document during her service during the war, when she was a princess. Moreover, the queen has the privilege of not meeting the speed limit in the management of the car, which she took advantage of while traveling with the future ruler of Saudi Arabia, when she frightened him with great speed.


In Britain, it is believed that the monarch simply is not capable of bad deeds or even thoughts, therefore it is not possible for Elizabeth II to summon or initiate a criminal case against her. This gives the queen the right to remain completely unpunished, which is difficult to imagine in the modern world.


The Queen is officially exempt from all kinds of taxes available in the country, but still since 1992 she prefers to pay property tax, doing this solely on a voluntary basis. The queen's father, meanwhile, advocated the complete liberation of monarchs from such payments.


Officially Elizabeth II owns all the swans of the kingdom and, in addition, dolphins living in the British waters. For this reason, hunting for these representatives of the fauna is strictly prohibited. To use swans as food is also unacceptable, but if the queen suddenly wants to taste this bird, she has the right to do so.

Freedom of information

Formally, every citizen of Britain can ask the state authorities for the desired information and, in return, receive it, subject to availability. However, this law does not apply to the royal family, since all of their affairs differ exclusively in a private character.


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