Do you like instant coffee? And do you know what it is actually made of?

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world and according to statistical data, the world is drunk up to 26,000 cups per second. One way to prepare coffee is in the form of instant powder, and many of you may be surprised at how instant coffee is being prepared.

You may be surprised, but the overwhelming majority of instant coffee sold in the Czech Republic consists of only 100% of coffee and you will not find anything else in the composition. To understand why this is so, we need to look at the process of its production. By default, 2 ways are used and both start the same - coffee beans are drained, and you get ready for this delicious drink thanks to hot water.

The first method is called so-called spraying. It is that the prepared coffee is sprayed in hot air (about 250 degrees or more). Before the coffee falls to the ground, it dries up and produces a coffee powder to which you just need to add water to make coffee again the way you like it.

The second method is called freezing, and differs from the fact that water does not get out of the concentrate due to high temperature, but frost. Sublimation ensures that all water is extracted from the coffee extract. This method is used for more expensive instant coffee because because of the freezing, the coffee powder leaves more coffee aroma and tastes better.

Instant coffee makers realize that they have enough to catch up with freshly prepared cups from a lever coffee maker or filter, and in recent years they have also added instantly roasted coffee to the instant powder so that the resulting cup has the richest flavor and aroma. And how are you? How many cups of this stimulating drink do you give each day?


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