How women get a lot out of salary negotiation

Women often find it harder to talk about salary increases than men. Self-confident appearance helps.
The fewest bosses voluntarily make more money. If you want a wage increase, you usually have to look for a conversation with the supervisor. Women often find this more difficult than men.

Negotiation coach Claudia Kimich advises in the magazine "Brigitte": "Make your own strengths clear, only those who know their value, confidently."

Practice in front of the mirror

It is worthwhile to train before his appearance. For this purpose, the negotiating core sentences should write down and present in front of friends or the mirror. In addition to the content, posture, facial expressions and gestures are important.

Three numbers should be considered in advance. An ideal, a going-so-goal and a pain threshold. Women should not buckle too fast with their ideal demand. Persistence proves itself.

But if you do not get any further after three talks with the supervisor, the chances of more salary are quite hopeless. At the latest then workers should look for a new job.


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