How to bring up the royal children

Is the life of royal children so luxurious and carefree? How and who is involved in their upbringing and why are there more bans and rules than an ordinary child?
It seems that the life of royal offspring is cloudless and luxurious - but how do representatives of modern monarch families actually bring up their children? What do they dress and play, what gifts they receive and what under the strictest ban? At the moment, there are 26 functioning monarchies all over the world: they all follow centuries-old traditions and rituals, including the cultivation and upbringing of children. In which kindergartens are the blue-blooded people going, what are they wearing and what gifts they receive? Why, finally, to bring up a real princess - is not such a simple matter?

How are babies born of blue blood?

The mother of the baby of royal blood does not have the slightest chance of keeping the fact of birth in secret, in order to enjoy minutes of silence and intimacy. First, every step is followed by paparazzi and fans, and secondly, immediately after the birth of another heir to the throne, the active monarch is notified. So, Prince William, most recently for the third time immediately after the birth of his son called his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II on a secret phone, to please her with happy news.
Funny, but he himself in his childhood could not pronounce the word "granny" - from the English. granny, which means "grandmother". So Her Majesty had no choice but to respond to a few irreverent "gary". The eldest son of William, baby George, turns to the crowned great-grandmother quite simply: "gen-gen."
The Duke of Cambridge himself took his wife and newborns from the hospital by car, and the delivery was already three times taken by a team of the best specialists in the kingdom, each of whom signed documents on the non-disclosure of any details.

Who chooses names for royal children?

In the European tradition - to give the child at once three, or even four names, and royal children - is no exception. But instead of a surname they often bear the name of a county.
For example, the full name of the eldest son of Prince William sounds like this: George Alexander Louis of Cambridge. The little princess of Sweden is called Estelle Sylvia Eva Mary, the Duchess of Estergetland, and one of the twins of the princely family of Monaco bears the name of Jacques Onore Renier Grimaldi. The name is chosen by parents, listening to the advice of older relatives.

What gifts are given to princes and princesses?

Here, of course, friends and relatives try to impress the imagination - often not so much with the value of the gift, as by its uniqueness and originality. For example, the princess of Spain, at her first ten years' jubilee, received from the pope the title of the title, giving her the title of lady of the knightly Catholic order.
Mother Keith Middleton , Carol, gave the eldest grandson a real zebra with a set for riding, and grandfather from Papa's side, His Highness Prince Charles  - own house on wheels worth 18 thousand pounds, a fairy house, arranged directly on the tree, and Aston Martin.

However, the car park of the little prince already has a solid amount of vehicles, and the cars are one more luxurious. The father has already presented the first-born Volkswagen GTI, the Beckham couple presented Range Rover, Aunt Pippa -Jaguar, Beyonce and Jay-Z gave Bugatti.
His younger sister, Charlotte, received birthday presents from 64 countries: Australians gave a small princess a magnificent blanket of Tasmanian merino wool embroidered with mimosa flowers, a set of unique silk figurines came from China, and Stephen Couston created an exact copy of the poster "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" 1937.
Ordinary residents of states also willingly throw off presents to small princes. For example, the inhabitants of Monaco together gave a beautiful brooch and watches from Cartier to princely twins, and pensioners of the Royal Hospital in Chelsea gave George, the son of Prince William, a toy dressed in their uniform.

What do royal children dress?

One of the most elegant is the monarch family of Spain: the young princesses of Sofia and Leonor often appear in fashion-fitting dresses, suits and coats.
Prince George will wear shorts for up to 8 years - this is etiquette, but in general, his wardrobe can be considered a copy of daddy: the same classic sweaters, shirts in a recognizable cage and double-breasted coats. Kate Middleton and Charlotte often dress in similar in style and color dresses: to the indescribable joy of the British, the Duchess often buys clothes for children quite accessible to all brands of the mass market category.

What do princes and princesses play?

Almost all royal families are of the opinion that sports bring small and grown up children much more than gadgets: in the family of the Duke of Cambridge, for example, tablets are generally banned. Three children from birth play toys that develop logic and imagination - cubes, cars, soft toys and designers.
The Netherlands princesses Amalia, Alexia and Ariana say that they adore jogging on the beach in the company of the whole family, including a dog, and the royal family of Belgium adores to ski in full.
Many royal children have been seen many times with a simple and cute toy: the Norwegian princess Ingrid did not part with a long-legged bear in the tilde technique, the Swedish princess Estelle appeared everywhere with a plush lion in the crown, and the eldest of the Spanish princesses with a funny pink duckling.

Who educates future kings?

William and Kate hired a nanny from Spain to raise children: she accompanies them everywhere on trips and at receptions. With grandchildren very fond of spending time and parents Middleton. George goes to school, and little Charlotte - to a kindergarten near Kensington Palace. There, besides games, she studies pottery and classical poetry.

The little princess helps Kate's mom cook in the kitchen - specially for her there is a corner built in miniature, but quite real. Children know that in case of hooliganism they will have to bear responsibility for the consequences: for example, the parents of the crumbs do not see anything shameful in cleaning up the food or toys scattered on the floor.
Twins of the princely family of Monaco go to an entirely ordinary development school, where they communicate and play with their peers. In the palace, they clean toys and tidy up their own beds. The Swedish princess Estelle helps her mother to bake cookies for the holidays, and the Dutch princess can often be seen on a bicycle in the middle of a noisy street: she takes her children to the kindergarten in such a way.
The children of the King of Belgium studied science at a Jesuit college, and Spanish princesses, along with a standard school curriculum, study with the governess Catalan, Galician, Basque, English and Chinese.


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