HIIT training benefits

HIIT five benefits:
1, Effective, high efficiency
Do 10 min HIIT effect, equivalent to 30 min jogging, or even better, because after training will continue to burn fat.
2, without loss of muscle, enhance athletic performance
HIIT can improve cardiopulmonary endurance, but also to enhance your movement speed and explosive, and do a better sense of pleasure, will not find it difficult to adhere to.
3, training is still burning fat
HIIT in addition to a short period of time during which a large number of calories burned during exercise, but also produce After-burn effect after exercise to improve the metabolic rate, so you have a long time after exercise in reducing fat!
, to improve chronic disease, much better than the traditional low-intensity aerobic exercise!
10 minutes for novice crazy fat reduction HIIT exercises, less difficult 9 small intensity exercises, ease of action, very suitable for novice.

HIIT training refers to a short period of high-intensity training, has been accustomed to the strength of ordinary people who exercise, you can better stimulate your fat burning, consume a lot of calories, but sports fitness foundation has certain requirements.
For the crowd:
Have a certain movement-based HIIT restricted population; hypertension, heart disease, joint injury
1 is a buffer to reduce the equipment; shoes, two are sweaty breathable sportswear! (Sweat volume larger, ready to change clothes)
2 1 hour in advance to add a little appropriate energy, not a lot of water before class!
Before you start, you need to use the foam shaft or ball to hip legs, to warm up.
Each action 15-30 seconds, cycle 3 groups, men and women Universal!
Exercise for 30 days
You will see significant changes!
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