Goal in the gates of Germany provoked an earthquake in Mexico

In the Mexican capital , there was a weak earthquake during a match between the national football team and the German team at the 2018 World Cup. The reason for the "weak earthquake" was the celebration of Irish Lozano by the citizens of Mexico City at the gate of Manuel Neuer . Such an unexpected conclusion is contained in the message of the National Network of Seismic Observation, Geological Analysis and Research, TASS reports .
"The earthquake recorded in Mexico City was of an artificial nature. Probably, it was caused by massive jumps during the goal of the Mexican team at the World Cup. It recorded at least two sensors, "- said in a statement.
Thousands of fans watched the game of the Mexican national team at Sokalo Square in central Mexico City. Goal Lozano, the only one in the match, caused a storm of enthusiasm among the fans of the national team.


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