Created a cure for arthritis without side effects

A new anti-inflammatory drug developed by chemists of Perm State University (PGNIU) passed preclinical trials. The drug is highly active and does not show toxicity.

"The tablets are designed to treat arthritis, arthrosis and inflammatory diseases," explained Victor Kotegov, MD, head of the Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacy at PGNUU. - The drug has no ulcerogenicity, that is, does not cause a drug ulcer of the stomach. The molecule, which we were able to synthesize, has a selective effect on the body and low toxicity. This allows you to point to the focus of the disease and at the same time avoid side effects.

According to the scientist, to find a substance with the necessary properties, experts have investigated more than two thousand compounds. Currently, negotiations are being conducted with investors for the next stage - clinical trials of the drug.


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