Badly slept? With these tools, you have sweet dreams

There's nothing like a good night's sleep if you want to get fit for the day. But what if sleep just does not want to stop? Here are eight products that make it easy to fall asleep.

1. Sleep glasses

Sleeping goggles can help you fall asleep when the room is too bright. In addition, they seem to be able to completely isolate themselves from the environment with them, which has a calming effect on many.

But even sleeping glasses cannot ignore digitization. From Naptime, for example, there is a power nap eye mask that uses EEG sensors to track brain waves in real time, create a napping profile in the free app, and play calm music for the perfect power nap, replaced with white noise as soon as the wearer is in a light sleep phase. Finally, the user is gently brought back from sleep after the optimal nap time.

2. Snore stopper:

If you share your bed with someone who is snoring, you will probably have awoken a lot at night and have thought about emigrating to the sofa. Snoring is no rarity: with age, about 60 percent of men and 40 percent of women snore. Unfortunately, it must be said at this point: There is not one solution to snoring, everyone must find their own means.

A help can be, inter alia, the snore stopper by Wivingo, the nasal spreader causes a widening of the nasal passage so that those affected get better air at night.

Even a chin strap can help those affected.

3. Ultrasonic Humidifier:

Especially in winter, many have to fight with too dry heating air. The result is a sore throat or coughing fits, which does not just ensure a good night's sleep. The solution may be humidifiers.

4. Swiss stone chips:

Studies prove: A walk in the forest is restful for body and soul. After a stay in the trees, less stress hormones are found in the body and blood pressure drops. Unfortunately, this insight does not help much, as you roll in the middle of the night once more from one side to the other and the next forest is not just around the corner.

But you can try to get a little forest into the room, for example with Swiss stone chips. Simply fill the shavings into a dish in the bedroom and the pleasant smell of wood is already being prepared throughout the room. There are even ready-made Zirbelholzkissen to buy.

5. Sleep tea:

It is well known that it is bad for us to sit in front of the laptop too long in the evening. Nevertheless, there is often something to do in the evening. Important, in order to still find yourself in a restful sleep, are then certain rituals. So, shut down your laptop at least half an hour before bedtime and do something completely different. It does not matter if you pour the flowers, read something or drink a cup of tea. Special sleeping teas can additionally soothe with ingredients such as valerian.

6. Side sleeper pillow:

How to bed, so you lie. Because not only the right sleep duration but also the right sleeping position ensure a restful sleep. It just stupid that there is not one right sleeping position, everyone has to find out for themselves, depending on whether you suffer from shoulder or back pain. Special pillows can help to find the perfect sleeping position.

7. Exercise sleep:

You can train good sleep. At least that's what the book "Train Sleep: A Guide to Self-Help" by Tilmann Müller and Beate Paterok claims.

It explains, among other things, how one can dream sweetly at night with smaller changes in behavior. But beware: If the sleep disturbances do not improve in the long term, you should go to a doctor after about three months without improvement.

8. Alarm clock:

Good sleep also requires good waking up. If you want to be awakened in the morning with something other than annoying beeping, perhaps a light alarm clock with sunrise function is the right thing for you.


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