9 action on a chair .. home fitness!

Want to increase muscle , you have to eat more to practice.
A diet
Increase the muscle need to increase weight, you have to change the previous eating habits, eat more, five meals a day, add more carbohydrates, protein, fruits and vegetables, kept eating, eat support.

Each of the most painful thing is not the hard work of exercise, but to eat, eat the pain is also very uncomfortable, but no way, you want to eat big enough to eat!
Second, training
Training is also one of the main reasons affecting the effect of muscle increase, muscle training requires a comprehensive scientific training program, so that the whole body muscles to help, so that muscle more harmonious and beautiful.
So it is necessary to develop a scientific and rational training program.
Many people are trained by venues, equipment and other external conditions.
Today, small hi for everyone to recommend a set of training courses , the whole only need a chair (there is a need to do 2) to help, you can practice the whole body muscles.
A total of nine actions, come and learn it Were able to get to: chest , arm , abdominal muscles , buttocks, legs and so on.
Body training action one:

Body training action two:

        Body training action three:

Body training action four:
Body training action five:
Body training action six:
Body training action seven:
Body training action eight:
Body training action nine:


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