How to deal with child study performance

The mother "never checked the child's work", but the child's "performance is getting better"?. It was ...

(Source: 圖片來源)
Everyday get off work dragged his tired body home,
Also take the time to help children check operations?
This is wrong!
In fact, not so hard,
You will only harm him if you help your child check the work
Let him lose growth opportunities!
"They all have high marks," he said.
Compare the mentality, which will make the child grow
Just on the primary school Kaikai found his mother never to check his homework,
But other students are always said that their mothers often give them check operations,
And their work on the scores are very high.
Kaikai think his mother is very irresponsible, he does not like a little mother.
This day he was very seriously and his mother said:
"Mom, yesterday there are several questions are wrong,
Severely criticized by the teacher,
It's all because you did not give me a check. "
But my mother asked Kai Kai,
Have a good reflection on their own wrong?
Kaikai did not answer or asked her mother why not to check their homework,
Other students will help parents check their homework.
Kai Kai mother smiled and said to him, if the mother to help you check the job,
Teachers do not know you made a mistake,
But this teacher does not understand your learning situation,
You will not deepen the impression on the wrong title,
And when the examination will not help you check your mother Yeah.
Kaikai heard mother say it makes sense,
Since then the writing job becomes more serious,
And inspection has become very careful,
For fear of mistakes by the teacher criticism,
And Kaikai's results have become so getting better and better.
To develop their own habit of inspection operations,
Learn to be independent and accountable
Although Kaikai mother never check the child to work,
But this is a better exercise of the child's independence,
Avoid over-reliance on parents to develop a bad habit,
And to do so for children,
Can make their own thoughts are not imprisoned by their parents,
Easy to develop love to use their brains.
The teacher arranged the homework for the child
But also to study the child's learning outcomes,
Only the real results to facilitate the teacher to the child
To develop a reasonable educational progress, and promote children's learning.
Avoid over-reliance on parental bad habits
In fact, many parents fear that their children get too little,
Began to pay endless, whether it is education or life,
But this approach plays a role and the original intention often run counter to,
Not only will increase the child's pressure,
It will increase the burden on the family,
Appropriate let go often will achieve unexpected results


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