Novice on the road .. you have to know the six fat loss tips!

I believe the new year, many people's New Year wishes there will be "this year must be thin down" this.
Want to thin, light can not make a wish, must be paid to action.
Only pay no action, have to have a scientific and reasonable knowledge of weight loss reserves. Only a correct understanding of weight loss, in order to make efforts to pay will not be wasted.
6 tips for weight loss! Novice essential weight loss knowledge - picture 1
Today, we summarize the secret to lose weight:
First, to maintain sleep
The vast majority of obesity, are related to the irregular schedule of time, stay up late to sleep, and then daytime sleep, so that the workout will make the body secretion disorders, which will also affect the diet , increased appetite, decreased metabolism.
So in order to lose weight have effect, must ensure that 7-9 hours of sleep every day.
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Second, increase strength training
Mention of weight loss, many people will think of aerobic exercise to reduce fat, do aerobic exercise can improve heart and lung capacity, increase body consumption, have a certain effect of reducing fat.
But do not ignore the strength training, strength training can increase the amount of muscle, and maintain the muscle itself needs to consume a lot of heat, can let you in the next 24 hours of continuous consumption of calories, weight loss is a long-term effect is very Ok.
Currently more popular way to use hiit high intensity interval training, through the combination of strength training action, group practice, increase strength, both to achieve fat burning heart rate, but also on the body muscles have a good exercise, kill two birds with one stone.

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Third, drinking water
Drink plenty of water is good for the body, which is common sense we all know, the body's metabolism can not do without water. And metabolism will consume the body's calories, so in order to promote the body to consume more calories, drinking water is essential.
Exercise population, daily 40ml / kg, non-sports crowd at least 30ml / kg. (The amount of water required per kilogram of body weight)
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Fourth, warm-up
Pre-training warm-up is ignored by many people, this is very unscientific.
Effective warm-up allows muscle congestion, joint lubrication, increase exercise performance, to prevent sports injuries.
Generally recommended jogging 5-10 points, you can play a better effect, or only dynamic cycling, elliptical machine, etc., pay attention to intensity is not too high, low-intensity can be.
Fifth, excessive training
Some people in order to increase weight loss, will greatly increase the weekly training intensity, so the body is a burden.
The more the better is not suitable for fitness areas, to respect the law of life, and orderly training and rest.
Recommended novice three practice a week (three days a week practice), according to their fitness capacity gradually increased, not more than a week five practice.
6 tips for weight loss! Novice essential weight loss knowledge - Photo 5
6, increase the protein supplement
After exercise, be sure to add enough protein, exercise will consume a certain amount of muscle, in order to prevent the loss of muscle, need to add enough protein after exercise.
Body muscle content directly affects the effect of weight loss.
Not moving the crowd: 0.8g / kg
Exercise population: 1g / kg
The protein supplementation can be increased to a maximum of 3 g / kg depending on the training intensity.

Note that the above six points, you can start your own training, and adhere to the scientific training program, you will gain a lot.



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