Knee arthritis cannot rely on take the medicine only!

Knee arthritis cannot rely on taking medicine only!

Old people suffering from knee arthritis, the most obvious feeling is pain, not only joint pain, but also swollen, and sometimes burning sensation at night may also be a long-term pain could not sleep. Pain will make the patient's exercise capacity decreased, reduced activity, long-term lack of joint and muscle forging chain, knee function of the restricted activities.

Since the old knee pain so unbearable, we first for the "pain" to play it.
Knee arthritis in addition to pain, inflammation and function of the knee arthritis is also an important indicator of the two conditions. Knee arthritis produces a vicious cycle of pain, inflammation, function, and disease progression. Pain is the main symptom of knee arthritis, pain can lead to inflammation. Inflammation is a major cause of knee pain, functional limitation of patient walking and disease progression. Progress of the disease, pain will increase. When the patient pain is stretched straight legs are not, at this time the disease has progressed.

The following provides an easy way for knee arthritis patients to assess their condition:

Pain includes 5, the weather changes pain, rest pain, sports pain, start pain and joint chills. Inflammation including 3, joint swelling, morning stiffness and local skin temperature. Functions include 8 kinds, doing housework, squatting, stairs, down stairs, one-time walking distance, one-time walking time, one-time standing time and the need for help equipment.

However, many patients with acute illness, follow the grapevine, blindly forging chain, or blindly taking analgesics, local closed injection, but the pain increased, adversely affected by treatment. The reason why these will occur, mainly because of the patient into the conservation errors.

Knee arthritis seven nursing errors, you in a few?

Myth # 1: Knee arthritis, the more the more pain to practice

The disease is due to wear and tear caused by articular cartilage, if the blind to the strong extrusion and friction of the so-called hard forging chain, will aggravate the wear and tear of cartilage lesions, or even exfoliation. Normal human knee surface is about 3-5 mm thick white transparent cartilage, although with age, cartilage will gradually wear thinning, but if excessive activity, will accelerate cartilage wear and tear damage. Therefore, forging should pay attention to the protection of articular cartilage, should avoid or limit to do the following activities, such as squat weight, hurry up and down the stairs, high-intensity exercise, climbing, weightlifting, sprinting and other strong wear and tear movement.

Myth 2: knee pain mainly by resting

Arthritis patients with acute attack, appropriate rest is necessary, but patients can not long-term activities, over time, will lead to knee stiffness, knee around the muscle disuse atrophy, and then the knee instability, prone to or aggravate the articular cartilage Of the injury. So, even if the knee pain should be appropriate forging the chain, the correct way is to walk, swimming, etc., exercise leg forging chain quadriceps, can improve the disuse of the knee around the muscle atrophy; in the case of non-weight-bearing ), Gently activities of the knee, can improve the mobility of the knee, the key is to get the chain to get the law.

Myth 3: Knee pain is caused by bone spurs

Spur is not the cause of knee pain, bone spurs because the edge of the knee cartilage due to lack of stability after cartilage wear, the body compensatory hyperplasia results. In a sense, a certain degree of bone hyperplasia can increase the joint interface, improve joint stability, so the spur has its positive side, there is no need for blind resection. In fact, one of the main causes of knee pain is due to cartilage wear and tear caused by the involvement of the cartilage of the sclerotic nerve. Protection of articular cartilage is the main purpose of reducing pain.

Myth 4: medicine alone can cure knee osteoarthritis
As knee osteoarthritis is caused by structural changes in articular cartilage, and aging and degeneration of the human body is closely related to the joint is like a machine bearing, a long time running wear and tear will occur. In the current can not make the regeneration of cartilage drugs, it is not only through several drugs to make the degenerative joint into a young joint, that is to say there is no "rejuvenation" drug. Drugs are just one way to relieve symptoms and slow down degeneration.

Myth 5: knee pain alone calcium can be cured

Many people think that joint pain is calcium deficiency, so eating calcium can cure knee arthritis. In fact, healthy people every day from the normal intake of calcium in the diet is enough, simply taking calcium and vitamin D for the treatment of osteoarthritis is not only a minor role, but also potential risks. Long-term, large doses of calcium supplements, may cause constipation, renal dysfunction and stones and other illnesses.

Myth # 6: Some pain in the knee joint is a normal phenomenon of older age

Osteoarthritis of the knee often occurs in the elderly, also known as degenerative arthritis or senile arthritis. In fact, in the formation of knee osteoarthritis, in addition to age is a major factor, but also and joint damage, weight, inflammation, genetic, etc., is not simply traditional that the aging or degeneration. Therefore, the elderly symptoms of knee OA is not a normal phenomenon, it should be timely medical treatment.

Myth 7: blind fear of surgery
Knee osteoarthritis of different course of treatment is not the same, early appropriate joint conservation, oral medication can slow down the development of the disease, to the mid-term if the pain was obvious, often twist lock, or a loose body, it should be carried out Arthroscopic minimally invasive surgery to clean up, although this method can not be completely cured. If the pathological process of knee arthritis late, joint deformation, activity difficulties, the need for artificial joint replacement.


Reduce knee load to swim and walk the best

Knee arthritis patients can moderate exercise, but to reduce the increase in the course of the exercise to the joint load. Walking and swimming are good ways. Walking on knee arthritis patients although the load, but for the patient is reasonable, swimming is the same. In addition, you can lie in bed to do some joint movement. In contrast, the level of movement of the stairs is not the same. When two people walk to share the weight of the knee, but climbing stairs load is usually 4 to 6 times, is unreasonable.


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