Encountered someone else to borrow money from you

In real life, almost everyone will encounter the case of borrowing money. But many people silent opening, do not want to owe others. Such as Li Ka-shing is how to look at the rich to borrow money this problem?

Li Ka-shing said: What is the most difficult? Borrow money!
Who is willing to lend money to you, must be your elegant;
Not only willing to borrow, but not even an IOU not let you hit the person, you must be elegant in the elegant.
Today, such a small number of elegant, met, and must cherish life.
People who lend you money when you are in trouble, not because they have more money, but because you want to pull you in the face of difficulties.
Lend you is not money, but confidence, trust, motivation, is your ability to recognize, is to invest in your future.
Hope that friends do not trample on "good faith" the word, but the biggest bankruptcy in life! Wang Zhen-re! . .
Faithful friends are a lifetime of wealth! . .
At the same time, please remember:
Like to take the initiative to pay people, not because people more than silly money, but the friendship is more important than money.
Work willing to take the initiative to dry people, not because of silly, but know how to blame.
Quarrel after the first apology, not because of wrong, but know how to cherish.
Willing to help you, not what you owe, but you really friends.
Others help you is love points, do not help you is the sub, no matter of course.
How many people ignore this simple truth, and how many people feel taken for granted;
Some even make their own wise, or even rogue face;
Such people, sooner or later fade out people's attention!
Sincere people, walked walked into the heart;
Hypocritical people, walked to fade out of sight;
If the encounter between people rely on the fate, then the people and people get along, is relying on a sincere and credibility!
- What kind of person you want to do, it is worth pondering each person.
Borrow money when the tearful, when the money back without a trace, maybe I do not say anything, but my heart has been such a person into the blacklist, to make friends to heart
There is a dilemma in the world: borrowing money is difficult, money is more difficult.
There are two bitter on the ground: Huanglian bitter, no money even more bitter.
The world has two risks: Jianghu insurance, people are more dangerous.
World has two thin: thin spring cake, human thinner.
If you are destined to miss will also be heavy;
If you miss, met also will leave.
Poly has a reason, from the excuse.
Life is not If only the consequences and results!

There is no comment
There is no one who can not be guessed
Do the most beautiful and most beautiful
Follow the line
No regrets this life
1 way of life
walk my own path
Life 2 pieces of treasure
Good health, not old heart
Life 3 kinds of friends
Lend money to you
Join your wedding
Take your funeral
Life has four bitter
See through
Reluctant to lose can not afford to put down
5 words of life
To be difficult to adhere to
Even the best indifferent
Again poor also self-confidence
More should be saved
And then cold but also warm
Life 6 wealth
Body, knowledge
Dreams, beliefs
Self-confidence, backbone

I like this passage too much
If anyone likes it
That we have a tacit understanding


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