Silica gel: What are the small bags actually good for?

In parcels, they are particularly common: bags with the Silica gel. But what purpose do they have and can they still be used for anything?

Silica gel absorbs moisture :

The small bags are filled with 0.5 grams of silica gel. It is a desiccant in the form of beads that absorbs moisture and protects against mold and the formation of unpleasant odors.

The special feature of the beads: they have a large surface so that they can absorb moisture very effectively. then if you heat the beads, you could remove the moisture again and use the beads again.

"Do not eat. Throw away" - deterring product imprint

The imprint on the pouch suggests that silica gel is poisonous. However, this is not the case. The warning only serves to delineate the globules of explicitly edible ones.

If they were eaten, that would not be a drama: they would be excreted undigested again.

But no rule is known without exception: In the case of silica gel called blue gel. It is a variant of the common drying tool which really toxic. As the name implies, this product is dyed blue and changes its color to pink when wet. In Europe, the blue gel is largely no longer used because of the carcinogenic ingredient cobalt (II) chloride.

How can I use silica gel sachets in everyday life?

Throw away with the packaging - that's one possibility. But the bags can continue to be used, and indeed ...

  • as an aid for the storage of foods that should remain dry (eg effervescent tablets)
  • to reduce the risk of mold in the clothing and/or shoe cabinet
  • to dry the phone, if it has fallen into the water (remove battery and SIM card beforehand, then place the phone with the gel in a bag)
  • to protect the cutlery from rust spots (simply place in the cutlery drawer)
  • for a clear view in the car (put a few packets of silica gel on the dashboard)


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