The Collapse Of The Favorites FIFA World Cup

The unexpected failures of Germany and Brazil, the splendor of Mexico and the difficult victory of Serbia - "Gazeta.Ru" tells about the matches of the fourth day of the World Cup in football - 2018 in Russia.

Costa Rica - Serbia - 0: 1

The program of the fourth day of the game at the World Championships was opened by a match between the national teams of Costa Rica and Serbia, who were in group E to Brazil and Switzerland. The meeting took place in Samara and collected 41 432 spectators. And most of the seats in the stadium were occupied by Russians, who decided to support the Slav brothers.
Teams immediately began to play without the center of the field - they randomly attacked, creating chaos at the gates of each other than making their fans almost instantly grasp the heart.
Absolutely surprisingly, the audience did not see the heads. Excellent game showed goalkeepers - Vladimir Stojkovic and Keylor Navas. After 20 minutes of play, the attacking fervor of the teams was a bit faded, and the Costa Rican team chose to play the second number. Serbia also continued to create moments, and their rivals locked themselves in the penalty area. And this tactic brought the Costa Ricans a draw in the first half. At the break the teams left when the score was 0: 0.
The second game segment continued with attacks by the Serbs - and in the 56th minute the European team managed to score.
A perfect free-kick came from Aleksandar Kolarov. After the match for this goal defender "Roma" is recognized as the best player of the meeting.

"This penalty we earned at a very difficult moment in the game. I understood that I could change the course of the meeting. And that's what I got. But first of all this is the victory of the team, and I'm proud to be the captain for these guys, "- quotes the words of Kolarov FIFA press service.
After the score, Serbia withdrew to her goal. And this, at first glance, a simple tactic has borne fruit. Most of the heads of Costa Ricans have counterattacks, but with the positional attack of the team from Central America, there are traditional problems.
As a result, the meeting ended with a score of 1: 0, and Serbia - running a little ahead - led the quartet not just for several hours, but at least for several days.
After the match, the midfielder of the winning team Dusan Tadic thanked the Russian fans for their support.
"The support from the local audience was fantastic! It helped us a lot. Thanks to all the Serbian and Russian fans who created such a pleasant atmosphere for us! "- said the winger.

Germany - Mexico - 0: 1

Three hours after the legitimate Serbian victory, the Mexican team has so far created the main sensation of the World Cup in football - 2018, beating the current world champions - the national team of Germany. A dramatic duel took place within the group F.
The meeting, which took place at the Moscow stadium "Luzhniki", unexpectedly began with the attacks of Mexicans. Team Joachim Lyova played a little imposingly and time after time allowed the opponent to pass his defense.

All this led to a goal in the second half of the first half. The author of the only Mexican ball was striker Irwin Lozano , who distinguished himself in the 35th minute after the transfer of striker Javier Hernández .
In the second half, the teams had about equal chances to distinguish themselves. The Germans relentlessly besieged the opponent's gates, and the Mexicans repeatedly squandered dangerous moments in counterattacks. As a result, the meeting ended with the score 1: 0 in favor of the national team of Mexico. Germany was a step away from the abyss. More acting champions can not be mistaken.
In the other match of Group F there will be teams of Sweden and South Korea, who will hold their match on June 18 in Nizhny Novgorod.
It is noteworthy that the German shame in the "Luzhniki" saw 78,011 fans.
The head coach of the national team of Mexico Juan Carlos Osorio after the match dedicated the result to the fans.
"We had a plan that was developed six months ago. Then there were injuries. However, we played with two fast players on the flanks - and one of them today scored the ball. We delivered a lot of trouble to the opponent on the counterattack. In the first half we dominated. They understood that the Germans would want to return to the attack. We almost managed to score the second goal.
I am very glad. Our young players are the future of Mexican football. I dedicate this result to all the Mexican fans. They fully deserved it. We bravely and with heart went forward and just worked out in defense, "- said the coach of the winning team.

Brazil - Switzerland - 1: 1

In the final match of Sunday in Rostov-on-Don the national teams of Brazil and Switzerland came together. At first glance, everything was obviously obvious from the very beginning: monstrous wards Tite, who passed qualification and friendly matches, were called one of the main favorites on the eve of the start of the tournament , and these statements looked as reasonable as possible. On the other side of the barricade in the duel was a team that often falls into the playoffs of major international forums, but now somehow splendor is not at all glittering.
As it turned out, underestimation in terms of Europeans really did not happen - the team did not show any outstanding game, especially helplessly acting in the attack, and even at their own gate often allowed themselves strange movements.
So when the Brazilians, through the efforts of Philippe Coutinho, with a brilliant blow to the striking "nine" of the goal of Jan Sommer, came forward in the 20th minute, after which they began to play the game, acting for 30 percent of their real possibilities (and still were close to second ball), it seemed that the outcome of the match is a foregone conclusion. However, in reality everything happened a little differently: in many illogical goal of ex-CSKA footballer Stephen Zuber at the start of the second half after filing with the corner so dumbfounded the favorites that they first began to allow themselves some wild errors in the simplest elements of the game, and then - all and having gathered with forces - failed to use several potentially salutary moments.
As a result, the meeting ended - 1: 1. Leaving the field, the Brazilians looked painfully upset: if the same Germans lost because of the obvious game problems, as well as the excellent actions of the opponent, the pentacampones actually actually threw out the most valuable two points in the "garbage", too early to turn on the energy-saving regime. And now if the team suddenly repeats the "trick" also against Costa Rica in the second round, in the regiment of the famous 1: 7 and other failures of the national team will arrive.


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