China entered the trade war

Beijing took a decision on a symmetrical response to the 25 percent US duty on Chinese imports. They affect more than a thousand items with a total value of 50 billion dollars. Should we expect a big trade war and how will it affect the global economy?
In less than a day, Beijing took a decision on the symmetrical response of the United States.
The Ministry of Finance of China announced the introduction of 25 percent duties on almost 650 American goods: cars, medical equipment, a number of chemical and agricultural products, and seafood. The total cost is over 50 billion dollars. On most of the duties will be introduced from July 6.
Previously, the US took similar measures with respect to Chinese products. The United States announced that as of July 6, 25 percent tariffs on aerospace products, information technology, robotics and automotive products will be introduced - only 50 billion. What led to such an exchange of responses?
Evgeny Nadorshinchief economist of PF "Capital" "This is rather such a specific haggling, extremely unusual, extremely rare for the last decades for international politics. At least, this approach in negotiations recently proposed by the US president, and as a result it seems to be the response of those partners who consider themselves strong enough to demonstrate such a reaction. And in recent years, China has been pretending to talk from the position of a sufficiently strong partner, if not simply in places from the position of strength in relation to many. In particular, the first wave of exchange of courtesies of Americans and Chinese, which took place several weeks ago, has already ended with such offers of mutual trade duties. It seems like the messages have gone that they agree. Apparently, the contracts did not go much, which can also be quite predictable, and that is why we once again heard a proposal - first by the US, and now by China - on the mutual introduction of duties. It seems to me, while it's still not about the trade war in explicit form for the simple reason that while it is still in the bargaining space. "
The consequences of the new stage of the trade war for the world economy and  Russia are discussed by Professor of the Higher School of Economics , leading researcher at the Institute of World Economy and International Relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexei Portansky :
Alexey Portansky Professor of Higher School of Economics, Leading Researcher, Institute of World Economy and International Relations, Russian Academy of Sciences "Representatives of the world's largest economic institutions sound alarm. This is the general director of the WTO, Robert Azeved, and representatives of the International Monetary Fund. They have been increasingly expressing themselves recently that all this can lead to a large-scale trade war in which there will be no winners, unlike what Trump believes, and it will be bad for everyone. Negative impact will be felt by the whole world trade and Russia too, but given the fact that Russia's share in world trade is not high, about 2%, the impact on us will be low. If, in the case of mutual restrictive measures, China and the United States could offer something to both of these commodity items in their markets, then we could win. But I do not think that there is such a possibility. "
The US authorities justified the new fees of intellectual property theft and cyberattacks.


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