Fish bone stuck in the throat what to do?

people eat fish, chicken and other food, easy to fishbone, chicken bone stuck, very painful and do not know how to deal with science. Especially the elderly children, was stuck to the time may also use some inappropriate methods. Today, we give a lot of people to save the "Heimlick emergency law."


   First, Zhejiang Jinhua, a 17-year-old Beckham play while eating peanuts, was choked. 10 minutes later, my grandmother found Beckham panting, that he was tired to hold him home, and other parents rushed to the hospital late. Beckham brain damage serious ... parents agreed to give up treatment in tears, the child away ... ...

Second, a two-year-old boy's mother in the WeChat made such a message: "recalled last night's scene or a lingering fear, his son in the mall auspicious aunt to give him a fruit candy, and soon his son burst into tears, Soon I realized that he was swallowed candy card stuck in the throat, I was scared to death, hard knock back, does not seem to have any effect, the son of the mouth has some purple, hurriedly remembered Heimuke emergency law, According to the potential to hold him shake two shaking, a bigger than the jujube hard candy from his throat accompanied by a number of viscous liquid sprayed, his son immediately ruddy face up, crying out loud, my heart finally landing Afterwards, he carefully studied the standard action of Heimlick 's first - aid method, and he remembered that he was really a gourd painting artist.

Third, in 1974, an old man at the dinner when the chicken pieces stuck in the throat, life at risk. Because at this time she was breathing difficulties, can not sound, can not call for help. On the occasion of this outburst, her neighbor, a 70-year-old man, had just read a popular science article in the newspaper describing the first aid of tracheal foreign bodies, invented by Dr Henry Heimlick. The elderly will soon learn the skills used in the old woman who. He clasped her with both hands from behind, clenched in one hand, upward impact on the abdomen, the chicken quickly out of the trachea out of the impact, the old woman Biede bruising face Dayton was rosy.

4, fishbone card throat, some people first use of vinegar to the bone, this method is not scientific. Because the vinegar to soften the bones need a process, and vinegar, vinegar, only through the esophagus into the stomach, can not stay in place to stay in the bones to achieve softening effect; Secondly, swallowing food is not right, may lead to larger fish bone or bone Esophageal Ricard deeper, and even further down the esophagus or aortic cross, causing bleeding, endangering the lives of victims.

Heimelik is an American surgeon who has been in surgery for many years. In clinical practice, he was shocked by a large number of food, foreign body suffocation caused by airway obstruction to death cases. In emergencies, doctors often beat the back of the patient, or fingers into the mouth and throat to get rid of foreign body approach, the result is not only invalid but the foreign body more in-depth respiratory.

He repeated research and repeated animal experiments, and finally invented the use of residual gas in the lungs, the formation of air rushed out of foreign body first aid. In 1974, he made the first report on the abdomen impact method to remove tracheal foreign bodies.

"Heim Like Emergency Law" specific response 
1, if it is 3 years old children

Ambulance should immediately hold up the child, one hand pinch the child cheekbones on both sides, arms close to the child's chest, the other hand to hold the child after the neck, let the face down, lying on the ambulance knee on. Shoot 1-5 times on the back of the child and observe if the child spits the foreign object.

2, if the operation of the foreign body did not come out

Can take another position, the child turned over, lying on a hard floor or bed, rescuers kneel or stand on their feet side, or take the seat, and the children riding in the rescue of the thigh, . Rescue to the hands of the middle finger or index finger, placed in children under the chest and umbilical belly, fast upward pressure oppression, but very gentle.Repeat until the foreign matter is discharged.

3, used in adult first aid

Rescue the patient standing behind the patient, with two arms around the patient's waist, and then one hand fist, the fist side of the thumb on the patient's chest on the umbilical belly. And then the other hand to seize the fist, fast upward pressure oppression of the patient's abdomen. Repeat the above method until the foreign body discharge. 

4, for self-help

The last three steps described above for the four steps of an adult may be used, or slightly bent to rest against a fixed horizontal object, pressing the upper abdomen with the object's edge and rapidly impacting upward. Repeat until the foreign matter is discharged.

The principle of the Heimlick Emergency 

Heim Lick emergency treatment principle: the use of the impact of the abdomen - the diaphragm under the soft tissue, was a sudden impact, resulting in upward pressure, oppression of the lower lungs, thereby driving the lungs to form a residual air flow.

This unit with the impact of the direction of the long drive straight into the air in the trachea, will be able to block the trachea, throat food lumps and other foreign objects to get rid of people rescued.

Easy to make the elderly children trachea blocked food 

The elderly and children to eat jelly easy to accident, can not ignore the effect of the proposed parents to the elderly and children to eat jelly, not a whole to, you can first crush and then eat for the elderly and children.

2. cannabis, candy
Bad bite of food, already easy to choke the throat, not suitable for the elderly and children eat, if you really want to eat for the elderly and children, it is recommended to cut into Ding-like.

3. Squid silk
Fiber is too long, bite feeling perfect snacks, including squid silk, beef jerky are not suitable for the elderly and children to eat.

4. Peanut butter
Viscosity is too high, not suitable for the elderly and children swallowed.

5. Nuts
The volume is too small, and sometimes the elderly and children may be too late to chew on the swallow, easy to choke.

6. Small fruit
Small round but inside with the nuclear fruit is not suitable for the elderly and children eat, such as longan, grapes, cherries, etc., can be stripped to the nuclear and then to the elderly and children eat.

7. Multi-fiber vegetables
Victoria fiber and not easy to bite rotten vegetables are not suitable for the elderly and children, such as celery, bean sprouts.

8. Large pieces of meat
Large pieces of meat and the elderly can not bite rotten, if it is easy to swallow easily choke, should be cut into thin meat or diced meat.

9. Long face
Too long noodles for the elderly and children is not easy to swallow, if the way to eat is also easy to choke, cooking can be cut into small pieces and then cooking.

10 thorn fish
It is recommended to choose fish less fish cooking, or easy to choke and will stab the elderly and children esophagus and oral.

   Once again remind you, fishbone card throat, do not drink vinegar or big mouth, you can use Heim Like emergency law to make their own sense of vomiting, in order to cough up foreign body; but if the barbed fish into the meat, the effect may not do so Obviously, the need to quickly sent to the nearest hospital for treatment!


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