Weight loss training

Weight training is a simple and effective way to exercise, in addition to strength, but also exercise to your balance and flexibility.If you want to go to the gym,
The following set of pure hand practice, without the aid of any equipment, can also be practiced at home. Not only can achieve rapid burning excess body fat, but also on the waist, abdomen, buttocks, legs for shaping.

Only 3-4 times a week training, as long as 15 minutes each Oh, 4 weeks to change their own!
1, supine alternating elevation
2, opening and closing jump
3, squat squatting
4, push-ups
5, kneeling push-ups
6, supine leg lift
7, raise the jump
8, one leg squat
9, sit-ups
Each action 25 times.
15 minutes to select targeted exercise muscle movement, high-performance thin, so that more beautiful lines of the United States.
Quickly for their own use it!
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